At Steel Pencil, we offer a range of services to help give you the information and assistance that you need to complete your project with ease, accuracy, and quality.

Building Information Modelling & Integrated Project Delivery

Steel Pencil uses an interactive model that represents the design, construction and operations of a building with the goal of improving cross-disciplinary collaboration between stakeholders. Our work reduces errors, double handling and mismanagement while adhering to quality systems. The integrated project delivery (IPD) provided by Steel Pencil offers not only construction tools, but also the ability to manage your asset beyond the construction phase of your project.

Registered consultant engineers at Steel Pencil can provide insightful design services that are to industry codes and certified. We have extensive knowledge and experience in respect to engineering design. This means that our people have an in depth understanding of third-party design intent as well as all relevant building codes and standards which enables us to make informed designs without continual requests for information.

Our knowledge and experience mean that our suggestion will save you both time and money by providing engineering assistance. We can give feedback about design inconsistencies as well as feedback as to additional works, clarifications, or modifications.    

Steel Pencil has experienced design draughtsmen from all disciplines including, structural engineering, architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

Our preference is to build a fully integrated design model and subsequent documentation. However, we have the expertise to assist in documenting projects using industry specific software that suit your projects.

Steel Pencil’s estimating service can help to gain a competitive advantage by facilitating preparation with an accurate 3D model to assist with:

  • An advance bill of materials
  • Construction feasibility studies
  • Tender submissions and presentations

Steel Pencil specialises in the production of fit for purpose structural steelwork, mechanical platework and precast concrete shop drawings.
We are well known for our integrated approach working with EPCM’s, fabricators, principals, and consultants around the world. We own and use world leading software, Tekla Structures.
Our expertise and knowledge in this field is second to none backed up by our proven track record in the commercial, mining/material handling and industrial sectors. No project is too small or large for us at Steel Pencil.

Steel Pencil can carry out on-site surveys for new and existing projects to ensure efficiency and accuracy. We use 3D scanners which provide accurate information that can be used in a modelling environment. We can liaise between the consultants, builders, and owners to ensure that all information is available, and your project is completed on time.

Steel Pencil’s knowledge of design and construction enables us to provide early warnings on potential problems with the erection of your project. We can advise you and design your structure so that it will seamlessly come together while also improving the overall erection process. Thus, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

As well as creating the general arrangement and fabrication drawings, the model can aid in developing the temporary works and for calculating weights and centres of gravity for the transportation and lifting plans. The model can also be used for surveying the structure during erection. The accuracy of the model and the control over the geometry during fabrication and erection are a major contributor to the success of a project.