Steel Pencil has done a brilliant job and deserves congratulation. The steel has come together beautifully, and the pool hall rafters look wonderful. The conceptual workshopping and confluence of talent in realizing these exposed elements is on display for all to see.
I know that Steel Pencil, led by Andrew, have worked out and coordinated the architectural and structural intent beyond what would normally be expected, particularly in tricky areas…. The result reflects the effort with the elements coming together perfectly.
On behalf of Arup I’d like to congratulate Steel Pencil on their superb effort and I’d like to say we are grateful for all the hard work and attention to detail that has gone in, a compliment that is equally deserved by Cox, Hansen Yunken and the other consultants…… With the scene set, I’m sure the remainder of the job will be completed with equal vigour and quality of workmanship

Ashleigh Willis

ARUP Melbourne

A 3D model of the cathedral provided by a construction modelling company, Steel Pencil, was vital to the resolution of many issues that developed in the course of the contract. Without that, we’d still be at foundation level. It was extremely beneficial to have them on board. It was mind-bending stuff

Mr Stephen Lynch

Project Manager for Naylor Love Construction

On behalf of Bowhill Engineering I would like to pass on our sincere thanks to you and your team for a job well done. We are all under immense time pressures on this job to meet client expectations, and the efforts of your team to accommodate our continual requests for early issue of drawings were outstanding.
The value added service provided by people such as Bevin and Rosette was paramount to us being able to meet our clients many requests for updated RFI registers and any other information deemed neccessary by the client. I am sure there were many other people working away in the background that I did not have direct contact with who also added to the success of the project.
Once again thank you and I look forward to our next challenge together, hopefully in the near future

Peter McIntyre

Project Coordinator for Bowhill Engineering